Comissioned Artworks

From classical portraits and landscape paintings to abstract motifs - I am happy to create a personalized piece for you.

If you are genuinely interested in a painting/portrait, please contact me via email or through the contact form on this website. When you already have a specific idea in mind, please include it in your inquiry. Photos of the location where the finished artwork will be displayed, can be attach as well.

After discussing the concept, I will begin working on canvas and keep you updated throughout the process with images and videos.

Price information is available upon request. If desired I will quote framing within the final costs. Transportation and customs fees will be listed separately and are not included in the price of the artwork.

To give you a rough estimate, for a classical single-person portrait (oil), 50x70 cm, prices start at around 700 EUR, excluding any additional charges for special details (e.g., intricate background, tattoos, embellishments like gold leaf/metal).

Upon commissioning, a 20% deposit is required, and the remaining balance is to be paid by bank transfer or in cash upon completion of the painting. 

You will receive a certificate of authenticity, a purchase agreement, and an invoice along with the artwork.