Marie-Sophie Krainz

The ambivalence of 

tranquility and mania, 

control and delusion, 

harmony and destruction.

Models Wanted for Figurative Painting

As an artist specializing in figurative painting, I am constantly in search of models to serve as physical references for my artwork. 

Being a model for my paintings offers a unique opportunity to be part of the creative process and contribute to the expression of art. 

Individuals of all backgrounds and body types are dearly welcomed.
I am excited to meet and work with persons who share a passion for art and are willing to become part of the narrative I aim to capture through my paintings.


We will schedule a session to capture the reference images.
Please note that this is not a professional photoshoot, as I am not a photographer. However, my skills are sufficient to capture the reference material photographically. Together, we will select the images that I can use for my paintings.

It is important to emphasize that the focus is not solely on portrait photography but primarily on gathering body references.
Consequently, your individual presence may not be the main focus of the final artwork.

Wether one of your reference images is incorporated into a painting, the completed artwork will be made available for public sale.

(Should you be interested in owning a commissioned artwork created specifically for you, please refer to the 'Commissioned Artworks' section on this website for more information.)

If you have an interest in collaborating, I would be delighted to hear from you. Contact me through the provided channels, and I will respond promptly to discuss further.